Simple Christmas Decor

Chloe and I started decorating a few days ago. We finished yesterday. We have very simple decorations.

I always thought I needed tons of decor for Christmas. Every room needed something. It was so stressful to get it all out and to put it all away. My favorite decoration is the tree. Chloe loves colored lights and I love white lights. Luckily this tree has both🙂.

Last year my Dad made all the women some beautiful Christmas wall hangings. Here are the other pieces…

He also made us all this tree a few years ago😍

I used what little pieces I have to decorate my ladder shelf.

That is all I have and it is enough! I don’t even desire anything else. Our apartment is tiny, so this is just the right amount. Chloe loves it. She keeps asking for presents. Lol.

Do you keep decorating simple for Christmas or do you go all out? Share below☺️

Thanks for stopping by. Stay healthy out there🥰

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