No In Person School This Month😔

Good morning 🌞

Our county is still in the red and our cases are rising. So our school district made the decision to close schools to in person learning until November 30th. I have a feeling it will go longer.

Chloe gets more and more confused by this every week. She went for 2 straight weeks and then closed again. It really messes her up. I do bring her to school on Fridays for one on one therapy. I am so thankful for this option. She enjoys seeing her teachers and therapists.

Yesterday, while at my parents, Chloe got mad and threw a stomping fit. She ended up hurting her foot and is limping today. This happens a lot to her because she will stomp or throw herself down when mad. She isn’t complaining at all. She just hobbles around. Such a tough cookie😁

This afternoon she has behavioral therapy and then I told her we have to catch up on school work. She didn’t get anything done yesterday because it was her sister Mattie’s birthday and we hung out with her. So today is a makeup day. She is doing very well with catching on to her more difficult lessons. Subtraction with borrowing still confuses her, but she will get it. Takes repetition.

Tomorrow is going to be cold and rainy, so I hope to get her outside today. I prefer she stay off her foot, but you can’t keep this girl down. Lol

So we are still NTI for school and I’ll say I am growing weary of it. I dont mind teaching her, but I see Chloe’s frustration growing. It’s been really hard some days. We just gotta stay strong and push through. I pray this virus slows down soon.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope all of you are healthy and well🥰

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