Some Things I No Longer Buy☺️

Chloe is working hard this morning on her Google Classroom work. I thought I would take a minute and share some things I no longer buy to save money and try to stay as minimal as I can. I am determined to save as much as possible this month to begin a savings and help buy Christmas gifts.

Here is a list of some things I no longer buy:

1) Water bottles: I haven’t purchased any since moving here. We just use our refillable water bottles and take them with us when we go out.

2) Dryer Sheets: I now use a wool dryer ball. No toxins and your clothes actually dry faster🙂

3) Books: I borrow them from the library or my older daughter. I also get free books on my Kindle Tablet.

4) Extra Makeup: I use to try different types of makeup, but I finally realized what is easiest and what I like best. Those are the only things I buy. I spend less than $10 when I need to buy new products. Most days, if I’m home, I don’t wear any.

5) Gym Membership: I tried it….I didn’t like it. I’m way more comfortable working out at home.

6) Q-tips: I grew up having so many ear issues and still have stuffy ears at times. Q-tips are not safe to stick in your ears. I take a tissue and just wipe out the outer part our ears

7) Magazines: At one time I was a magazine junkie. I had tons of them!! Now I can go to the library and look at them. Although I typically don’t. Lol

8) CD’s: I just listen to music on my phone

9) Purses: I always get one from my mom when she’s done with her present one. I use it until it’s broken. Then she gives me another one😁

10) No Salons: My hair is simple to trim. My daughter usually does it or I let it go. I also color my own hair.

So there are 10 items I no longer buy. I have plenty more to share. I am currently figuring out what else I don’t use and no longer need to buy. Share things you no longer buy to save money.

Thanks for reading my blog today I hope all of you are healthy and well🥰

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