November NTI Day 4

Good evening everyone ☺️

I wasn’t sure how today was going to go. Chloe woke up early and grumpy. She was demanding, fussy and defiant. I call it her roller coaster of emotion.

It took until 9:00 just to get her dressed. Then, with her resisting, I brushed her hair. I have been teaching her how to wet a wash cloth and wash her face after she brushes her teeth. Once dressed I set up the table with her school binder, pencil and some fine motor activities.

She started yelling “Play”!! So I used the First/Then method. I told her once she finishes a lesson and 1 activity she could have a play break. She finally sat down, yelling out a few times.

We started with Math. She is learning to carry and borrow. She understands carrying more than borrowing. She will eventually get it. Then I had her play with Theraputty for her fine motor/hand strengthening activity.

After her play break we finished up Math by working on time, money and measurement.

I had her string small beads for her second fine motor activity. She counted each bead as she strung it…101 beads 😮.

Our final lesson was Reading Comprehension and writing sentences. She really fought me on this one. She doesn’t like to write, unless it’s on her terms. I had to pull my First/Then card again. First the lesson, then it’s lunch time. I had to refocus her several times, but we got it done🙂

After working so hard we went to the play area at the lake to play until therapy.

So a rocky start, but a good ending. It’s almost time for bath and bedtime. I hope she’s happy when she wakes up☺️

Stay healthy and well 🙏

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