November NTI Day 2

Good evening everyone 😊

Today is election day, as we all know. Chloe had no online assignments today, so we decided to make today a sensory/outdoor day. The temperature finally reached 60 so we went outside to enjoy it.

Chloe played a lot with the items in her sensory box today. Especially her kazoo and microphone πŸ˜‹. She has been filling our home with lots of Christmas songs😍. Outside she was obsessed with hearing the leaves crunch in her hands and under her feet. It was fun to watch 😊

We spent some time in her bed just playing games. I worked in some “Wh” questions and phonics games while I tickled her. She was stuck to me like glue today, but was in a good mood.

Tomorrow we will do our regular NTI day. So I will post more of our activities.

Tonight or tomorrow we will know who our President is. No matter the outcome may we all be mature and supportive.

Stay healthy and happy πŸ˜€

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