A Weird Halloween

Happy Halloween 🙂

It was a little different this year. Because of Covid our local park by the lake offered a drive thru trick or treat. A great idea, but I think they underestimated how many would show up. Chloe didn’t want to wear her costume this year. The year I finally found the perfect sized mermaid costume. Ugh

Chloe’s Dad, oldest sister and her nephew waited in a car line that stretched from the lake entrance to the other side of town😮. By the time they got half way there the police let them no the candy was gone. 😪

So they went to the store and got Chloe and her nephew enough candy for their buckets. Chloe did ask about the lake, but didn’t seem to get very upset. That’s a huge step for her….to go with the flow. Her Dad got her a pizza to….well Little Ceasers was right beside the store. Lol

When Chloe got home she ate some pizza, got a bath and played in her room. We watched Spookley the Square Pumpkin before bed.

We were going to make cookies, but decided to wait until tomorrow. Not the picture perfect Halloween with costumes and pictures, but she had a great time and that’s all that matters.

Don’t forget to change your time back one hour tonight🙂

Stay healthy 🥰

2 thoughts on “A Weird Halloween”

  1. It was weird here, too. My daughter made me buy her a costume months ago and then tonight she just wanted to stay home because she didn’t want to get the virus.
    I’m glad You guys had a nice Halloween, even if it was different.

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