Frugal Friday

Happy Frugal Friday☺️

I wanted to share a few more areas I am cutting back and saving money. One important tip is to live within your means or even below them. If you end your month with no money, look at your spending habits. I have been looking very closely lately.

The first thing I have and am still doing is selling things. Facebook Marketplace is a good place to sell items. You can sell toys, clothes, DVDs… anything.

I also make a little extra money doing surveys on My points. You do surveys, watch videos and other activities to earn points toward Amazon and other types of gift cards. One Christmas I bought quite a bit of Chloe’s Christmas with my winnings. Swagbucks is another site to check out.

Homemade Detergent. I have made this a few times. I found a new recipe to try. You pay $15 for the supplies and it makes a year’s worth of detergent. Hey that’s worth a try☺️

Find cheaper brands of items that work for you. Chloe and I use the same soap, shampoo, lotion and toothpaste. We found brands that are low cost and work well. I buy enough to last us 3 months at a time.

Don’t wash clothes as often. What?? What I mean is if you wear an outfit and it’s not dirty hang it back up. Wear your jeans more than once. This is not always easy with kids. Let’s face it they are dirty 😂.

So there are a few more ways I’m saving and cutting back. Please share any of your tips with me☺️

Stay healthy out there🥰

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