Dental Surgery😁

Today was the big day!! I know…our masks are not over our noses. We were sitting across the huge lobby off to ourselves. We were taking a breather. We both struggle having masks over our noses. We covered back up after our picture😊

We arrived at 7:30 am and Chloe was in the best mood. She did an excellent job waiting in the lobby. She was making everyone smile with her giggling. Im happy I chose not to tell her too much or it would’ve went quite differently.

They called her back and we got settled in her room. She wasn’t very happy to undress and put on the hospital gown. She kept saying “Pink shirt”. The nurse was wonderful with her, as was everyone involved. The only issue that arose was they couldn’t give her the liquid knock out drug. She was too big. So we had to go with a shot…sneak attack style. She wasn’t happy, but she was in loopy town within a few minutes. She went from singing to complete silence. Seemed so strange, but I was happy she was relaxed.

They put in her IV and the Dr talked to me about everything. I was then escorted to the lobby to wait. I spent that hour texting family and friends. The time went by so fast. The Dr came out and told me they took out 7 teeth (she must have lost one) and had to trim off some gum tissue.

When I went to her room she was still out. The nurse was slowly waking her. She woke up and we tried to get her to drink, but she pushed the cup away. I’m sure her poor mouth hurt. We finally got her dressed and into the wheel chair. They helped me get her to the car and my Dad helped me get her to our apartment. She was very wobbly.

She has been resting and watching movies all afternoon. Still not drinking much, but takes a sip every now and then. The Dr said she would sleep all day. Nope…not one nap. Lol. I’m so proud of her. She did such a great job today. Now on to healing. Hopefully she is good by Halloween.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope everyone is healthy and well 🙂

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