Chloe Visited A Regular Classroom😮

Today Chloe started visiting a regular classroom at school. Typically she is in a special needs classroom. Her teacher asked me if I minded her visiting a regular classroom. She felt it would benefit her socially, as well as academically. Chloe has showed signs of boredom in her classroom lately.

I am nervous about other children treating her right, but she goes to a wonderful school. So hopefully that will not be a problem. I love her teachers ❤️

So how did she do with her visit today? Her teacher said she was nervous, but had a good day. I will get more details this Friday at her Zoom IEP meeting. It’s so weird having meetings online, but thankful we can still have them. Chloe was very happy and laughing when I picked her up. That’s always a good sign of a great day☺️

She will only go one more day, tomorrow, to school. She has her Dental surgery on Wednesday and recovery most likely the rest of the week. I’ve stocked up on soft foods for her.

So that was the latest school update. I’m very proud of how well Chloe is doing so far this school year.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy ❤️

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