Tightening Up!!

Happy Saturday ☺️

I have been making a plan on how I am going to cut back and start saving as much as possible. You never know when an emergency can happen. I want to have a savings set aside for anything that might happen. So what changes am I going to make?

The first change I made was moving Chloe’s Physical and Speech therapy to our home town. I was driving 80 miles round-trip once a week to another town, but this next week Chloe will start getting these therapies here. I also drive her farther away to her school. Since the bus is not an option…. she’s terrified of it…I will run any needed errands in town when taking her to school. Her school is 1 mile from town. This will save me lots in gas.

I will save by shopping less. I do not like any kind of shopping. So the less I go the better. I use to go out of boredom, but my hatred for wearing masks keeps me from doing that. I will go to The Dollar General once a month for what I need. I use their $5 off $25 digital coupons and others that apply. I typically go to the grocery once a week. I would stretch it out to every 2 weeks, but produce tends to go bad, especially salad. No impulse shopping out of boredom!!

I keep a notebook of needed items and if possible I buy them 2nd hand. I write down things we need and then when in town I look at the consignment shop. If they don’t have what I need I will check Walmart. Sometimes Walmart is cheaper😮.

Living in a small apartment I don’t have many utilities to worry about. Electricity is the only utility I pay. I keep it down by keeping air turned up and the heat wont be turned on until it has to be. I use little electric heaters in my apt. The wall heaters are old and I think it gets to hot in here. My average electric bill is $60. Not to bad. I did get the internet for school purposes, but got a good deal. I get my phone plan through Boost. I love their service and low prices. I highly recommend them.

We have a laundry mat on site here. It costs $1.50 to wash and $1.25 to dry. It can get costly. My parents tell me if I’m coming there for a visit to bring my laundry there. So I think I’m going to forgo the laundry mat here for awhile and take it to my parents. My older daughter also tells me to bring it there. So I think I will accept their kind offers and save about $35 to $40 a month.

Another area that I can’t take completely away, but am going to reduce is Chloe’s weekly treats. When we use to go farther away for therapy she got a Happy Meal on the way home. That is now gone. On Tuesdays she gets a mini $1 ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. We occasionally, but not often will eat out. Probably every other week. So I’m using an envelope system. I will budget her ice cream and a “Possible” meal or 2 out a month. If we don’t use the money it will carry over to the next month. I want to stop eating out for the rest of the year. Her Pediatrician wants her to lose a little bit if weight, so going to focus on eating healthy at home☺️

These are a few areas I’m working on. I will share more ideas soon. Christmas is coming and that is a tough one. Chloe is picky and doesn’t really want any particular thing, but I want her to have something to open. Lol.

Please feel free to share your money saving ideas with me☺️

Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy🥰

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