Chloe’s Covid Test😮

Today was Chloe’s pre dental surgery Covid test. I really didn’t know how to prepare her. I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to go well. So how did it go?

I picked her up from school and told her we were going to see a nurse that was going to tickle her nose with a Q-tip. She seemed ok for a bit and then started rocking. We arrived at the drive thru testing site. I called the number and alerted them that she was 10 and has Autism. They were surprised the Dentist sent her there. I said “All we can do is try”.

The nurse came out and talked to Chloe on a level she could understand, which I appreciated very much. She started to put the Q-tip in her nose and Chloe yelled “No thanks”! The nurse waited while I calmed her down. We tried 3 times. The nurse said she probably got enough for a test, but if not for me not to put her through it again. The nurse said she was calling the Dentist herself. I really appreciated her understanding of Chloe’s fear. As I pulled away Chloe said “Bye Q-tip”…Lol.

Chloe got through her physical and her Covid test pretty well overall. Now we wait until next Wednesday for her dental surgery at the hospital. Am I nervous? Yes, mostly because it’s her first surgery and first time at the hospital since she was born there. Also I know she will be anxious as well. She will have 8 teeth removed!! I’m sure I need to stock up on soft foods, most of which she doesn’t eat🙄.

We will get through this and I’m sure her mouth will feel much better after.

Thanks for stopping by today ☺️ I hope all of you are healthy and well.

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