Dollar Tree Activities

Happy Monday☺️

This week I am working on a bunch of learning activities for Chloe using items from the Dollar Tree. There are so many items there you can turn into fun learning activities.

Since Chloe only attends in person school a few days a week, I wanted to give her more opportunities to learn at home. She responds better to “Game” like activities. So I sat down and made a list, using Pinterest as a guide.

Hands on activities are great for children with Autism. They work on hand eye coordination, as well as fine motor and learning skills. Chloe learns best this way🙂

As I prepare all the activities I will share them with you. I am also working on more advanced file folder games for her as well. I also love Dollar Tree’s puzzles. Chloe can do them faster than I can. Lol.

So check back tomorrow and see what activities I have made for Chloe from the Dollar Tree.

I hope all of you are staying healthy🥰

Thanks for stopping by today😊

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