Getting Back To Being Frugal

Good morning 🌞

I am trying to get back on track on being as frugal as possible. The past month I have had a few bigger expenses, like my new glasses, car repairs and maintenance, and beginning to buy winter clothing. I have a few more clothing items to buy, but I’m ready to focus on saving.

I know Christmas is not far away….so why start now? Well Christmas is a time that we can easily get out of control. You can do Christmas frugally and still have a wonderful time. I will share more about that as we get closer to December.

I have always loved reading about frugal living. Over the last few years I have hated having to much stuff. It smothers me. Throughout the years I have bought so much to “help” Chloe. So much of it wasn’t used or rarely used. Such a waste of money. I am able to sell it or pass things on to someone else for their child. Still I have stopped myself from spending on things she might like. She is pretty content with what she has☺️

So I have made a list of items we need and I am looking at 2nd hand stores first, especially for clothing. The other items I am watching for sales. Shoes are an item I don’t buy 2nd hand, so I’m watching for sales.

I love that I can turn my A/C off this time of year, but no heat turned on yet. Big savings on my electric bill. Chloe and I sleep better when it’s cold anyway.

I will be posting once a week ways I am saving and other frugal tips I use. I hope all of you are well. Thanks for stopping by today 🥰

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