Learning at Home: Thursday

Today was a school day at home. Chloe completed her online work in a matter of minutes, so I came up with some extra work for her. I had her work on phonics, spelling and writing using these cards I made a few years ago. She always loves doing these.

I wrote out double digit addition problems, some with carry over. She did a wonderful job and needed very little help. Her teacher said she’s ready for tougher work☺️

Then we sat on the couch and read together for 30 minutes. I read a book and then she did. We had a nice time cuddled under our blanket reading 😊

I found some really fun October activities online for her to do. She had a lot of fun with this pumpkin one from Starfall.com. Starfall is a wonderful learning site. Check it out😎

She ended her day with behavior therapy and she watched The Jungle Book. She has been really trying to learn all of the songs from her favorite Disney movies. So cute😍

So that was our day of learning today. Tomorrow she has school at school. Lol. She loves Fridays…it’s gym day😀

Thanks for stopping by today. Stay well everyone 💙

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