Yay She Did It!!!

Chloe had a medical exemption from wearing a mask. I told her teachers to keep working with her. Today they sent me this picture. She wore her mask 80% of the day today😀. I’m so proud of her!

Her head teacher was back today after being off for foot surgery. Chloe was so happy to see her. I knew she would get Chloe to work hard on wearing her mask. It is hard for Chloe because she doesn’t like anything on her face. I know she was uncomfortable, but she is trying and that’s all that matters.

I’m going to find her some animal masks and see if she will wear them. I am so thankful her teachers work so hard with her. She goes to an amazing school.

How are your kiddos doing with wearing masks? Thanks for stopping by my blog today and welcome to my new followers 😊

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