Picky Is Not The Word!!

Happy Friday☺️

I have mentioned in the past how picky Chloe is about clothes, mostly tops. Well this time of year is tough, it’s getting cooler outside and it’s time to change our clothes out. She is struggling with it a lot!!

She refuses to go to the store and pick her own tops, so I ask her what color she wants and show her pictures. She always picks purple and pink shirts with no pictures or writing. So thats what is bought. I think “Oh good she’s set”! Boy am I wrong…. she refuses to wear them. I stand my ground, but I believe Chloe is the most strong willed child on Earth. Lol. I’m thankful she’s not picky about pants. Nightgowns are another picky area for her as well🙄.

Chloe is very tall for her age and needs longer flowy tops. They are more expensive and it makes me stressed to buy them …because she may not wear them. I am slowly getting rid of her old tops from Summer she is outgrowing. She asks for them constantly. It’s so hard some days. Just part of our Autism Life😊

People tell me “Just make her wear them”!! Right ..I wish it was so simple. Chloe is as obsessed with her clothes as she is with her toys. Eventually she will adjust to her new clothes, but I’ll have to make it through the tough part first. It will all work out.

Are you children picky about clothes?

I hope all of you are well🙂

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