Pumpkin Patch 2020

Tuesday I took both of my girls to a wonderful pumpkin patch in our area. Chloe and I had been down with allergies, so she was excited to get out.

As soon as we arrived she was off to the giant slides. She loves how fast they are. She struggled a bit climbing up to the top, but she never gave up.

Then she was off to the jump pad. This is always her favorite. So big it takes up most of the huge barn it’s set up in. Sometimes there were lots of kids and sometimes just her. She loved it!

The most shocking thing was she refused to look at the animals or pick a pumpkin. This is the first year she hasn’t been obsessed with having little pumpkins everywhere. We went on the hayride, but she wouldn’t get a pumpkin. If I picked one up she got upset and asked me to put it down☹️

My daughter Mattie🥰

Chloe loves the corn bin too. She had corn everywhere when she was done😀. We had to remind her not to throw the corn a few times. She gets wild!!

Loving the Corn Bin😍

We had a great day hanging out together and the weather was perfect! Fall is our favorite time of year😊

I really appreciated my older daughter Mattie’s help with Chloe. She is an amazing big sister🥰

Hope everyone is well. Stay healthy out there.

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