School Update☺️

So I finally got internet at home. Chloe had to catch up on several lessons from September. We knocked them out in a few days. The days she is home from in-person learning (Monday, every other Wednesday and Thursday) she has work online to complete.

Her school year is going very well. No Covid cases at her school, thank goodness. I am very proud of how well she does at drop off. She gives me a hug, says goodbye and off she goes with her teacher😊

They are working with her on staying more focused, which is not an easy task. She is still working off her old IEP, so her work is pretty easy for her. Her evaluation is coming up and a new IEP will be put into place. I am excited for this to happen. Chloe is very smart and needs to be challenged. It’s kinda sad with all this social distancing they can’t work as much on social skills, but she is still around other kids.

At home we complete her online work and then I add in writing, harder math and reading. I also add in plenty of OT activities and sensory work.

Her allergies are keeping her down right now, so not forcing a lot on her at home. It’s Fall Break this week , so it’s all fun this week😁

There’s a little update on school. I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy🥰

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