Allergies or Corona Virus?

Chloe came home a few days ago with a slight cough and a stuffy nose. I didn’t think much of the cough because she has one year around because of allergies. The stuffy nose is rare. So I called her pediatrician and asked if she should be tested for the Corona Virus.

We went through the symptoms and she said she’s sure this is her typical allergies. She hasn’t had a fever at all. It’s so hard to know with all this Covid stuff going on. Every cough or sneeze sets off a red alert. It’s stressful.

Chloe’s mood has been good. She does hate her stuffy nose though. She gets tired every now and then and lays down. I started her on allergy medicine and it has helped her cough.

So I guess every time we have cold symptoms we will have to wait it out and see what happens. No fever is good, even though some people have no symptoms. Chloe will get a Covid test before her dental surgery at the end of this month. I should say “possibly get a test”. I can’t imagine her letting anyone put a long Qtip up her nose 😯.

A lot of her classmates have bad allergies as well. A few have been coughing and sneezing. I’m not going to get alarmed unless she gets a fever or starts having worse symptoms. Her pediatrician and I are sure we are looking at allergies she has every Fall. Mine have kicked in too🙄

Do you worry if you child coughs or sneezes?

Thank you for stopping by today☺️

Stay healthy😍

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