Planning Fall Break

Welcome to October😊

Next week is Fall break here. Kinda strange to be having a break when we just started school, but that’s how it’s going this school year.

I am trying to plan things to do next week for Chloe and I to do. It’s going to be nice and cool outside, so we need to do lots of outdoor activities. I know we will go to a local pumpkin patch. Chloe loves it! They have slides, farm animals to see, hayrides and a huge blown up bounce pad. We pick pumpkins and play as long as she wants.

I also hope to go to the nature park and collect some different color leaves while we walk through the woods. She loves walking there☺️ I’m also packing a picnic lunch to take there as well.

Hopefully we can get out to some play areas. It depends on her mood and how packed they are. The more kids that are there the more difficult it is for her to behave. She has struggled alot with her behavior lately. Today she is upset because she has to do school at home. The days she is home are hard, when it comes to doing her online school. She has a lot of fits and we stand off until it’s done. Not fun at all. I can’t wait until school is back to normal.

I would love for Chloe to do some fall crafts, but I won’t hold my breath. She just doesn’t do many anymore. Makes me sad sometimes.

So what are your plans for Fall break with your kiddos?

Hope all of you are well

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