Getting It Together

Good morning 🌞

I apologize for not posting daily, as I planned. I’m honestly just trying to get it together right now.

My anemia is still in the bad category, which keeps me pretty tired all day long. My main focus is Chloe and making sure she has a good day. I close my eyes when I can. Even if I sleep well at night I’m tired during the day. It just takes time for the iron to work.

Chloe was very sweet yesterday. It was raining, so after our computer school was finished, she told me “Mom close eyes, Chloe movie”. She has never told me to close my eyes. It’s always”Open eyes”!! She did lay all over me, making it hard to rest, but that’s ok🙂. I appreciate the offer. Lol

I finally got home internet and online school, for days she’s home. We are catching up on lessons, but she’s doing very well. She goes to in person school today…so Mom is taking a little nap this morning😁.

So I just wanted to share why I haven’t been posting daily, as planned. I hope to get back to it soon. I gotta get it together and plan times to write and post. I’ve just been pushing through days right now and crashing when Chloe goes to bed. It will all improve soon. I’ll start feeling less tired and have more energy☺️

I hope all if you are well😍

Welcome to my new followers. Have a wonderful day.

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