Week 3 of School

Happy Friday😊

We just finished week 3 of in person and at home school. She is doing very well with both. I am very proud of her.

At home we worked on a lot of spelling and phonics. She is a good speller and I’m trying to challenge her with some tougher words. I have her write them on her dry erase board, showing her how to sound them out. I made vocabulary cards that we sit and go over each day.

I bought a few workbooks to use at home until school starts sending things home. I occasionally get projects for her to do, but until her head teacher gets back from healing after surgery she does her work at school. I do get links to learning games for her to work on from her teacher on Google classroom. As long as she’s learning I’m good with it.☺️

Chloe reads every day, so that is an area I don’t have to make her complete. We started reading Charlotte’s Web again. She loves that book, as do I. I’m going to come up with some art projects to go with the book. I hope she will do them.

I have been adding in fine motor work each day as well. She loves stringing beads. I have been searching for new activities to do with her. I want her to do more puzzles and cutting activities. I’ve been pushing moon sand and playdough to strengthen her hand muscles. She loves moon sand!

I am hoping to start making some file folder games for her. Working on a list of supplies I will need. I like to keep her mind and hands busy😊 I’m excited Fall is almost here. We can go to the nature park and collect things. She is already talking about the pumpkin patch. I’m as excited as her😁!!!

So far she is having a wonderful school year. How are you children doing in school or at home?


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