Adding a Day of School

Good morning 🌞

Beginning next week Chloe will go to school 3 days a week instead of 2. This will be on an alternating schedule with group A, so it will only occur every other week. I am excited they are slowly adding days of school. When in school I see less scripting, more conversation and better sleeping.

There have been zero Covid cases in her school. So thankful!! Her school is doing a wonderful job keeping everyone safe and healthy. I hope eventually we can get back to the regular 5 days a week. Covid is a virus. It won’t disappear. Like the flu, it just has to be monitored.

When I added the extra days to the calendar Chloe was excited! That makes me feel good☺️ She gets extra instruction time and extra therapy time at school. Her teacher, who had surgery last month, will be returning soon. She does miss her, but the sub is wonderful. I gave spoken to him a few times.

I really hope by late Fall school will be back to normal. How are your children doing this school year?

Stay Healthy😍

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