Puberty and Autism

Good Morning 🌞

Chloe is beginning to show signs that she is entering puberty😯. I am preparing myself the best I can. I’m not really sure you can prepare yourself, especially when you have a child with Autism. Her pediatrician and I have already put a plan in place.

Our plan, once she has her first period, is to stop it by using either shots or pills. I am 100% positive Chloe can’t handle a period. She is already becoming moody and her face is breaking out. She has been wearing a sports bra and deodorant for a few years already. She’s growing up way to fast😞

I am pretty concerned about how puberty will affect her mentally and emotionally. She already has dental surgery and leg surgery coming soon. This is just one more thing to add to her trying to cope with life. I have been researching for ways to help her get healthier. I have removed and replaced foods and she gets WAY LESS SUGAR. We have started walking around the loop at our apartment complex after supper. It’s tough on her legs, but we take our time. We also do a lot if stretching. She does yoga in OT therapy each week also.

I am hoping once her legs are corrected we can go hiking on nature trails here in our area. She loves the nature park trail. It’s been to hot to go lately. There will be so much more she can do😊

Autism comes with many phases and puberty is one of those tough ones. We will make it through with the support if her therapist, Drs and teachers. They have all assured me they will support us.

I hope all of you are healthy ❤️

Thanks for stopping by today😀

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