Meeting at School

Happy Friday 🙂

This morning I had a meeting at Chloe’s school, from my car. No meetings in person yet. This was for give permission for them to test and evaluate her for a new IEP. I was excited to meet her therapists and other teachers that work with her. They were all really wonderful.

I got a report from each one. They all said she is super smart. She has been doing very well adjusting back to school routines. Her favorite activity is gym and outside time….of course😁 They said they were very impressed with her reading skills. Writing is still her weakest area because of low muscle tone in her hands. Her OT shared how they work on those muscles.

Her speech therapist shared what she was working on with her and the progress that she has made. I really love her therapists. Her classroom teacher is out from surgery, but the substitute was a very nice guy, who informed me how well she is doing. I was very pleased with the meeting 😊

That wraps up Week 2 of school. So far so good. Zero Covid cases at their school. Yay!!

I hope all of you are healthy. Thanks for reading my blog today.

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