Neurology Appt For Chloe

Today was Chloe’s neurology appointment. She was referred there to be seen about her toe walking and if there is an issue with her spine or brain.

I loved her doctor. She was very thorough and took her time with examining her. We went over her history from birth to now. Chloe really took to her right away, which is unusual.

It was required that Chloe wear a mask. There was no way around it. Surprisingly my deal that is she wore it he would buy her a Happy Meal. I have bribed her with no results, but for her Papaw she put it on. How did it go? She did pretty well, but only put it over her mouth. She reached a breaking point about 25 minutes in and threw a little fit in the waiting room. They were kind enough to take us back to a room where she could take it off. I was proud that she wore it as long as she did. It was a big struggle.

So Chloe will be getting an MRI on her brain and spine, genetic blood testing and she is going to the Pediatric Orthopedic at this same medical center. After testing is over a plan will be put into play. I’m nervous, but excited for her to get help as well. I know everything will be ok.

So I am waiting for appointments to be set up and then testing will get going and hopefully I will get some answers for Miss Chloe.

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope all of you are healthy and well ♥️

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