A Fun Day☺️

Happy Tuesday 😀

Today is one of Chloe’s in person school days, so my older daughter Mattie and I decided to hang out.

She is quite fun to hang out with. She keeps me running store to store. I’m not a shopper, so I just enjoy seeing what she buys. I did buy a few t-shirts and a pink shirt for Chloe that I hope she will wear.

I did find some craft kits at Michael’s really cheap for Chloe. She loves the door hanger crafts. I found her one for $2 and some sand slime 50% off for $2.50. I also got her some stickers for .99 ¢. I always buy more for Chloe than myself.

I finally had to say “I’m done”…Lol. I think Mattie could’ve went on and on. I was like I need to put my feet up a little bit before I go pick up Chloe. She wore me out😌. I had a lot of fun with her though. We have become much closer since I’ve moved back.

Well it’s time to go pick up Miss Chloe from school. I hope all of you are healthy and well♥️

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