PT and Speech Therapy Update

Happy Monday Afternoon 🙂

Mondays we drive almost an hour to speech and physical therapy. Chloe loves her therapists and looks forward to riding there with the window down, wind blowing her hair around. I thought I would give you an update on how she is doing.

Her physical therapist is working on stretching her calf muscles. Once we go to Neurology and get some testing she will know exactly what muscles to work on. She takes her to the big gross motor room and let’s her jump on the trampoline and play on the Climb and slide. All very good for her legs.

It’s the last day of August. Wow it went by fast! In September I am going back to posting every day. I love to write and want to write every day

Her speech therapist told me today she is making great progress on her “WH” questions and 2 step direction following. She gives me activities to use with her throughout the week to work on the areas she’s covering with her. I love that! Each week she makes it a bit more complicated for Chloe so Chloe can build on her skills.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is September! I want to get back to writing every day. I hope I can find enough to write about. Lol. Everyone stay happy and healthy.

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