School, Dentist and a Birthday

Hi everyone.

It’s been a wild week! The start of school started us off. Chloe was so excited she woke up at 5:00 am on Tuesday and 2:30 am this morning. I’m happy she’s excited, but I want her to sleep….oh and me too. Lol

Her teachers told me she is adjusting well, but misses her buddy Brody. He moved up to middle school this year. I’m hoping she makes a new friend. She tells me about circle time and going to the playground. Today she said “Eat in the lunchroom”. I love hearing bits and pieces of her day.

Thursday we had a double whammy. It was my birthday and Chloe’s first dental visit in 5 years!! I was so nervous she would lose it. She cried all the way there, but once there she did so great! They were so good with her, letting her walk around when she needed a break. I was so proud of her😍.

I asked her to sing me Happy Birthday, but she said no. Lol. She was not happy because I didn’t have a cake. I just didn’t get one. I don’t need it and the dentist wants me to watch her sugar intake more now. So no birthday song for Mommy. 😂

All of her therapies went very well. Next week she has an appointment with a Neurologist to start seeing about her legs. She will most likely get an MRI to see if she has a spine or brain issue causing her leg problems.

We have a full week coming up with school, therapies and appointments. Oh the Autism Life😊

I pray all of you are healthy and well♥️

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