She Loved It😍

Good morning ☺️

Chloe’s first day of in person instruction at school went very well. She was up at 4 am ready to go. Lol.

When we arrived they took her temperature at the door. She gave me to biggest bear hug and off she went with her assistant. I was so proud of her. No tears, just giggles all the way down the hall.

When I picked her up she was noticeably tired. I asked her if she had a good day and she said “Yes….I need a drink”!! I had her some lemonade and her older sister, who was with us, bought her an ice cream cone. Chloe was unusually quiet, but she was up at 4 am.

Today and tomorrow she does NTI at home. I didn’t find any work in her backpack, but her teacher is out the first 2 weeks because of surgery. I just put together work on my own for her today. All of this is a change for teachers to. Next week she will get a binder of work.

I made her a calendar for her wall to use when we are home. She loves it!! Not very creative, but I used what I had here at home. She doesn’t mind at all☺️ I pulled a few workbooks from my old homeschool box and we worked on math, writing and started reading Little House In The Big Woods together.

She returns to school on Friday and she’s already excited 😀. My prayers are everyone stays healthy and schools stay open. Eventually I pray they get back to 5 days a week. Our children need this structure and normalcy in their lives.

I hope all of you are healthy and well♥️

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