Another One Bites The Dust

Happy Monday🙂

Chloe has tried several medications over the past few years. They always focus on her moodiness and not her hyperactivity. We have on a new medicine for awhile now. It has been raised, but I have seen zero benefits. I won’t give her a medication if it doesn’t have positive results.

This particular medication was suppose to take the “edge” off and help with mood swings. I am not seeing any changes, plus I would rather they treat her hyperactivity so I can reason with her way better when she is moody. I guess I’m going to have to pull my fighter card. If they try to give me another medication for her that I don’t agree with I will refuse it.

I have researched medications for years. I know what I want her to try and what I dont. As parents we have to educate ourselves so we have the knowledge about therapies and medications when they are brought up.

I will be making my case one more time with her medication Dr about trying a medicine for her hyperactivity. If I’m blown off I will be searching for a new doctor. You have to find someone who will work with you. I’m still not a fan of medications, but Chloe moves at the speed of light most of the day. I need her to be able to slow down. Im hoping school starting will help some with this.

Most parents I’ve spoken with consider medication a last resort. I know it was for me. Hopefully we get this figured out. We all want what’s best for our kiddos and sometimes we gotta fight to make that happen. Stay strong😊

Hope all of you are staying healthy❤️

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