Game Night😊

Tonight we had a game night. She hasn’t wanted to play games for quite awhile. This afternoon I was cleaning out the big closet and she saw the games. She said “Play games with Mom”! I immediately stopped and sat down to play.

She has a few favorites and must play them in the same order each time. I always joke she’s a little cheater, but really she just gets impatient waiting her turn. We are working on that in many areas.

I was very glad she decided to play games. I have missed playing them with her. I’m always looking for new games to play with her. Some of the new games are a bit vulgar. I have been both amused and kind of grossed out. Lol. I have tried to introduce card games to her, but she isn’t interested.

I love the older games. I need to find them, but will probably not unless I find them on eBay. I’d rather play board games with her instead of computer games. There’s way more interaction and communication involved.

I am hoping we can have a game night every week, just like we have a movie night. With school starting I want her to have special things to look forward to.

I hope all of you have a great weekend. Stay healthy put there☺️

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