Park and Painting 😊

Fun At The Park

Today was a beautiful day and I wanted Chloe to spend lots of time outside. The temps have been in the lower 80’s and every day there has been a light breeze. So nice🙂

We headed to our local park near our place after lunch and played for quite awhile. There were other children there and she greeted each one saying “Good morning”! I was very proud of her. I have to say the children at this park practice social distancing very well. They all waited turns to climb, slide and swing. They were very considerate of Chloe taking a little to long to slide. She has her routines 😁

After about an hour she was ready to go. Once we were home she wanted to climb the steps outside.

I get so nervous she will trip and fall, but I know climbing the steps helps her get the exercise she needs. We spent another 30 minutes outside at home before heading in to read and paint.

I love taping a bit piece of paper to a surface, putting out paint and letting her go to town. She decided to paint Veggie Tales characters. I brought in some leaves to make prints with, but she said “No thank you”. At least she was polite. I want her to make more crafts, but she just hasn’t wanted to forever it seems☹️

After painting and reading we headed to behaviour therapy. She did very well I was told. She can be a bit bossy in there, so I gave her therapist the idea of using a timer. It has worked wonders! Sometimes therapists need our tips😊

Now we are relaxing into our evening. She ate a healthy dinner of chicken, peas and berries. She is watching Beauty and the Beast before bath and then off to bed. I am getting her back on her school bedtime schedule. I think she had a busy and good day😎

Thanks for reading my blog today. Hope all of you are well

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