Not What I Expected

Today was Chloe’s appointment at the foot and ankle doctor. I thought we would go in and they would check out her ankles and feet, fit her for braces, then come back in a few weeks to get them. What happened was a shock!

They started her off with X-rays and I’m proud to say she did very well with being still. Then the Dr came and had her do some walking exercises. What came next took my breath away. He said “It’s not her ankles and feet, but her calves”. He then explains that her calves spasm nonstop. I thought “Ok she needs braces still, right? He then says this could be a spinal/ brain connection and we need to send her to Pediatric Neurology for testing. I said ” What kind of testing”? He said we need to rule out Spinal Bifida. I was speechless and scared.

So I am awaiting a call for a appointment to take her to the neurologist for an MRI and possibly other tests. I’m thankful he wants to rule out Spina Bifida before moving forward, but it lurks in my mind…what if she has it😥. I know I have to be calm and wait and see. Regardless of the results she will have surgery on her calves and wear leg braces for 6 months. She does need a neurologist checkup anyway, which was on my to do list. This just moved it up.

I will keep you updated and I ask for your thoughts and prayers for Miss Chloe.

I hope all of you are healthy and well

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