My Big Helper😊

It’s Friday! I hope all of you are healthy and well.

Every other week I clean my older brother’s house. I help him put since he works 3rd shift and I make a little money. I usually have my older daughter watch Chloe so I can focus on cleaning. There are some days she goes with me. My brother will put something on TV for her, but she usually ends up watching videos on my phone.

Today she decided she wanted to help. I thought that was really sweet. I had her wipe off a counter or two and use the hand duster to dust a few pieces of furniture. She thought she was so big!! She took many breaks and then went outside with my brother while I finished up. He gave her a little bit of money, which she let me know quickly she wanted to go to Wendy’s for lunch. Money well spent in her eyes 😁

I have been trying to get her to help out more at home, but she hasn’t been to enthusiastic about it. I’m going to start giving her one job a day to do. She can earn money when she does her job. At the end of the week she can use it for a treat or a meal out. Maybe that will make her want to help out more at home. It will also teach her about money, which I have been working on for awhile.

How do you get your children to help out at home? Share below😊

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