Calming Down My Life

I made a big decision last night. I’m downgrading my cell phone to text and talk only. Why? There’s a few reasons.

One reason is its to addictive. If I’m bored I go to my phone. Another reason is everything is just chaos on the phone. Facebook is great for finding old friends and chatting with family, but it has become very political. My 3rd reason is quiet. I crave it. I don’t get much with Chloe, but add in a cell phone buzzing and dinging all day…UGH!! My final reason is cost. It makes me sick to pay so much for a phone.

Chloe is also addicted to using my phone and I want to stop that. It will be best for both of us. Now since I write this blog from my phone, how will I continue. I will once or twice a week be at my parents or the library (once school starts) and will publish posts then. I will answer any questions or comments then.

Sometimes we just need a break from the chaos. I need to get back to simple living. Some day I may get internet in my home so I can use my laptop to blog. I just need a breather from my crazy phone 📱.

Have you ever just wanted to unplug for awhile?

Praying all of you are healthy and well❤️

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