So Much Scripting!!

Good morning 😃

Yesterday I spoke to Chloe’s speech therapist about her constant scripting. Scripting is when a child, with Autism, repeats phrases from songs, books, tv shows or just phrases they have heard. Chloe is in overdrive right now with scripting. So I had a hat with her therapist.

She said most of her patients are struggling with scripting because of stress. This virus and quarantine is a lot for children and adults with Autism to understand. Chloe has been in constant stress mode since this all began. It has been a particularly rough summer. It got a little better once the playgrounds opened, but we still have to be careful. She is scared of the masks and still won’t wear one. This means she can’t go into any stores. I don’t think she cares since seeing a lot of people with masks on upsets her.

Chloe has this scripting behavior where she wants me to repeat after her or answer yes, meaning I agree with her. I do not know how to break this. I have tried not answering, but she will repeat it continuously until I answer her. I’ve tried to explain that I am not repeating after her. That really upsets her. So I am still trying to work on that with her. Scripting is one of the most challenging behaviors I deal with in the Autism world. I want it to stop because it’s not a “normal” behavior or way to speak. People stare and I don’t like that, but try not to let it get to me. She has done it since she spoke her first word.

One thing I try to do is keep her busy. It helps a little. I think it slows down her brain and focuses her. Some days it works like a charm and others it doesn’t. So I just keep trying every day. I believe school will help once it starts. I know it will be different with the virus, but she will be occupied with her teachers and work.

So when you see a child or person with Autism scripting or saying phrases that make no sense to you…. it does to them. It’s a calming mechanism that they need to function in their world. It helps them regulate their senses. So I think sometimes she needs to do it and I hate to stop her. Hopefully as school begins and her day gets even more structured she will focus more and script less. We will see😊

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️


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