Chloe Loves My Phone 📱

Good morning 🌞

Do you ever look back and think “Ugh I wish I had never let my child do this or that”? Well one thing for me is letting Chloe use my phone to watch YouTube.

She watches a very cute children’s song….10 DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF IT😧!!! She use to watch a mixture of different educational songs, but 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is the song of the year in our home. Lucky for me I have the innate ability to zone it out.

So is Chloe using my phone a bad thing? That depends…how long does she have it….does she throw fits for it? She does throw fits sometimes if I don’t let her have it when she wants it. I do have issues with her not giving it up when I ask. I had to become creative with”phone time”.

Number one…I schedule it into her day. This way she knows she gets it, but has to wait patiently. Number 2… I set an amount of videos she can watch and we count them down. Occasionally she gets a bonus video or two if she has a good listening day☺️ Number 3… She may get bonus phone time if she isn’t feeling well or we are somewhere she has to be still. I just have to be consistent.

Over all I think Chloe using my phone isn’t harmful if controlled. I do wish she would expand her music choices, but she really enjoys her phone time, so it’s ok for now.

Do you let your child use your cell phone for music, videos or games? Share below how you handle it. Have a wonderful day 😊

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