Our Week of Activities 😊

This weeks weather kept us from doing to many outdoor activities. It’s been raining and very hot!

The beginning of the week we spent mornings indoors playing, reading and watching PBS Kids. We had a lot if rainy mornings. The afternoons we went to scheduled therapies and had supper a few nights at my parents house. Chloe loves going there to play with their dog Harley❤️

Thursday Chloe finally decided to break out her Playdoh she got for her birthday in February 😮. She loved her Olaf Playdoh toy. She and I played for almost an hour. Then we started spelling words in the Playdoh with her letter cutters.

One thing I have noticed this week is that her new medication is calming her down more. She has definitely verbalized her dislikes a lot more. Lol.

Today we went to the park. We were the only ones there for about 20 minutes, which was nice. I noticed her sitting down a lot, so I asked her if she was ok. She said “5 more slides and go home “. I was surprised. Usually I have to make her leave. Heat and cold typically don’t bother her either. About 30 minutes in she says “I Hot…go home”! Wow loving the communication ❤️

So she went down 5 more slides and we headed home. We spent the afternoon playing and watching a movie or 2.

I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy❤️

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