Occupational Therapy Update😃

Chloe loves Occupational Therapy❤️. I think it’s her favorite of the week! Her therapist is so sweet and very good with Chloe. We are blessed.

They have been working on emotions, especially mad and sad. She confuses the two, but is making progress. Last week when her therapist asked what made her mad she said “Rain, no go to play”. YES😃 Rain does make her mad because she can’t go to the playground. She does love the rain and would stand in it for hours. I was very proud of her answer. She separated her love/hate relationship for the rain.

They are also continuing to work on dressing herself. Her therapist is using picture cards to teach her the correct order in getting dressed. She is doing well. She is still confused when clothes are inside out. We are working on that at home to. I hope some day I will be able to say “Time to put clothes on” and she does it with no help😃 We will get there.

I am working on a snack basket here so she can get her own snacks instead of hollering at me to get them. I also want to teach her to help pack her lunchbox, once she’s back to school. Our district, as of now, is going back August 24th, but I expect that to change. Surrounding districts are starting at home for 6 weeks and then going to school. We should know for sure in the next few weeks.

So that is s little update about her Occupational therapy. It’s going very well so far and best of all Chloe loves it❤️

I hope all of you are healthy and well

1 thought on “Occupational Therapy Update😃”

  1. “I hope some day I will be able to say “Time to put clothes on” and she does it with no help”. I have the same wish. As you said, will get there soon. Trust in our kids will certainly give them the confident to take up any challenge. Happy to know that Chloe connects with her therapist very well. Good luck mom!

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