She Needed A Break

Good morning 😊

Our days have been quite busy since the beginning of July. Therapies are all in place and we always have one or more to go to each day. We have also, this past week and part of the weekend, been helping my older daughter move into her new apartment. We have been in the car A LOT!!

Chloe, like everyone, reaches a point that she has to have a break from it all. So yesterday I decided we would do NOTHING! We slept until 10. Wow that never happens😲. That just shows how tired she was. Then we relaxed and watched a movie. After picking up her older brother from work we went to my parents. She went outside to swing and just walked around. She looked so peaceful and relaxed. She really needed a day to just do what she wanted.

Everyone needs to recognize the signs that we need to slow down. Chloe can’t verbally express that, so I look for signs. Chloe will cover her ears more, cry out of the blue, or even go lay in her bed quietly. The key word is “quietly “. She’s rarely quiet. Then I know she needs downtime ❤️

I am looking into her therapies to see if I can change a few times. The early morning ones are not working for her. She’s just not ready that early to do so much work. Plus we drive 45 minutes to that one. She has that look of “Ugh Mom”!!

So make sure you tune into your children to see when they are overwhelmed and need a lazy day. Their self care is just as important as ours.

I hope everyone is healthy and well❤️

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