She Had A Nightmare 😢

Oh what a night we had last night😩

Chloe has been sleeping so well the past week and a half. Her new medication and nighttime medication changes really have helped her. Yesterday we had a busy day and I expected her to possibly sleep in today. Unfortunately that didn’t happen😢

Around 1:30 am she woke up saying “No sick”! I run into her room thinking she was throwing up, but she was talking in her sleep and was UPSET!! I guess she was dreaming about it and it scared her. Poor baby😞 I got her calmed down and thought she would sleep the rest of the night.

At 2:30 she woke up angry. I get so anxious about her being angry because she talks loud and yells. I don’t want her to disturb the neighbors. So I spend what feels like HOURS trying to keep her quiet. Here’s the thing about Chloe…. the more you try to keep her quiet, the louder she gets🤫😪.

After a few hours of this I had to give her the extra medication dose the Dr prescribed for this type of situation. I’m sitting here waiting for it to kick in. It’s a roller coaster ride!! Hopefully she falls back to sleep soon and sleeps for a few hours. I know I could use a few more hours of sleep 😴

I hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy ❤️

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