Beautiful Day at the Park

I decided this afternoon to take Chloe to the park in our little town before therapy. It’s a beautiful and not to steamy hot of a day to play. There’s just enough breeze to keep us cool 😎

She likes to explore every part of this park. She loves this gazebo stage. She always performs a song or two on it😁

Chloe tends to get very hyper during behavior therapy, so I thought this would help her burn off some energy. We are the only ones here so we are scoring high on social distancing.

Every now and then she lays down and takes a break. You never know where she will choose to crash 😊 She gets hot and starts coughing, so she takes a break. Glad no one is here so I don’t get the “Oh no Corona” looks when she coughs😮

I do wish our apartment complex had a playground area, but this one is only about 7 minutes away, so no big deal really.

She found a nice bench to lay down on for a moment. This girl can lay down anywhere! I’m use to following her around when there are lots of kids here. Today I’m able to lay back and watch her from a short distance. I believe she thinks she’s getting away with something. Lol

We didn’t work on any learning today. It’s been so hot she hasn’t been outside a lot, so I wanted to take advantage of today’s weather. Tomorrow we may go swimming 😊

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️

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