It’s Just Too Hot😩

It is so hot in our state right now. Playing outside is almost impossible after 10 am. So today I decided to plan an indoor day. Unfortunately I didn’t expect to get hit with a migraine before lunch😢

I was cleaning the bathroom and using a commercial cleaner,instead of my usual homemade cleaner. I started seeing waves in my eyes and feeling sick. I knew what was coming. So I gave Chloe phone time and laid down for a bit. It went away after about 1 1/2 hours, but left me exhausted.

I still wanted to give Chloe a fun day, so we made some break apart chocolate chip cookies. She loves breaking apart the pieces. You just have to make sure she doesn’t eat all the raw dough. Lol

After the cookies she played with her puzzles, kinetic sand and her sensory bucket of toys, She of course wanted lots of tickles, which she got. I need to invent a tickle machine for her. She wants them all day long!! We watched a few movies between playtimes. I’m hoping this weekend she can get some swimming time at my parents. It’s to hot for much else.

We worked on her wearing her mask,but today she wasn’t having it. It’s a challenge for sure. We had a good day just hanging in the A/C😁

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️

Welcome to my new followers. I’m so glad your here😊

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