New Medication

Chloe started a new medication this past Saturday. Plus her current medication was adjusted. How is it going?

Really well so far. She seems a little calmer in the morning hours. Her new medication is for control of frustration and anxiety. She is on the lowest dose of course. We see the Dr next Friday to see if the dose needs to be raised. The current medication is working even better since being substantially reduced. She said Chloe was taking way to much, so she reduced it and kept the same amount of Melatonin with it. She has been sleeping really well the past 4 days☺️

I am proud to say Chloe is swallowing her new pill in pudding. I don’t have to crush it! It works way better that way. I brag in her a lot when she swallows it😁.

We are working hard on mask wearing, since it’s mandatory at school. I also want her to understand it’s ok and not to be scared of it. Several of her therapists are working on it to.

So new medication is going well, she’s sleeping better and she has worn her mask in short bursts. Things are on track😊

I hope all of you are healthy and well❤️

2 thoughts on “New Medication”

  1. Im so happy things are looking up for u. Im blessed Sierra will wear a mask so far for about a hour is the longest shes had to have one on. Shes been seeing a few more drs recently they think shes had a couple of silent seizures. Its only happened 2 times but now were waiting for a 24 hr eeg.


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