Using Visual Schedules

Good morning☺️

Visual schedules are extremely useful when working with your child with Autism. I have used different methods with Chloe over the years. I have used picture schedules, as well as written ones. She typically takes to them pretty well. Her new therapists have been talking to me about implementing specific schedules to help her learn certain tasks, like dressing herself.

Her Occupational Therapist is currently making Chloe some getting dressed picture cards with clothing showing which way tags go. This is something she doesn’t understand. Chloe knows the process in which to put on her clothes, but she will put them on backwards or inside out at times😁 I am looking forward to using this dressing chart with her.

As we are getting busier with therapies I decided it would be a good idea to have a daily schedule posted. Each day is very different now. So to ease her anxiety and to let her know this is what I am doing today…..I’m going to make a daily schedule for her. I am hoping this helps make her feel calmer and secure.

Once I receive Chloe’s dressing chart from her therapist I will share that with you. Do any of you use visual schedules with your children? Please share below ☺️

I hope everyone is healthy and well❤️

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