Physical Therapy

Yesterday was Chloe’s first Physical Therapy Session. She has needed this for years and I am thankful she finally got it!

Her therapist is very gifted and knowledgeable about toe walking, which is Chloe’s issue. She has toe walked for 7 years. Each Dr and therapist seemed to think she would outgrow it, but she hasn’t. Now she has major balance issues. So the therapist and I discussed things she is doing there and what I can copy at home to further her therapy.

The first thing I will need is a ramp. My Dad is going to build one for Chloe that I can easily store under her bed. When Chloe walks on a ramp she must walk flat footed (normal footing). No toe walking. This will stretch those calf, ankle and foot muscles.

Next I need a foam pad. Chloe will walk more flat footed on a squishy surface. They are not sure why, but it will help again to stretch all those lower leg and foot muscles .

One last item I will eventually purchase is a small trampoline. You have to be really careful with these. When Chloe was little she fell off one and dislocated her elbow. So it will be put away unless I am right there with her to use it. The trampoline makes her jump flat footed. She loves to jump!!

So those are 3 tools the therapist and I will use to work on Chloe’s lower leg and foot muscles to improve her toe walking. Still working on an appointment for leg splints and braces.

I hope everyone is well😄

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