Use Up What You Have

I was one of the worst about using 3/4 a bottle of shampoo, getting bored with it, and buying a different brand. I would put the unused portion of the old shampoo in the closet. I may or may not return to it. WHAT A WASTE!!

Since moving I have made it a goal to use up everything I have before buying new or more of that product. It’s been awhile since I have purchased many products! I feel terrible about how much I have wasted over the years.

I’m mainly talking about health and beauty products and cleaning supplies. I make my own cleaners now, so I occasionally buy vinegar, baking soda and orange essential oil. I was the worst with shampoo and conditioner. I would buy a set and then get tired of the smell or I would see a different brand and buy it. Now I’m using up everything, no matter what!!

This waste can roll over into food as well. I buy lots of produce. I never know from one week to the next what Chloe is going to eat. So if I notice the strawberries are getting ripe and she doesn’t want them I freeze them for smoothies. I’ve been buying less of what I think may go bad. I’ll buy 1 zucchini or 1 squash instead of 3 of each. I know I will use 1, but not always 3. I sometimes take extra fruit to my parents if I see it’s no going to get eaten.

My goal is to waste less and spend less. How do you handle waste in your home?

I hope all of you are healthy and doing well😁

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