Separation Anxiety

Good morning ☺️

Today I want to post about separation anxiety and Autism. It is something most of us parents of children with Autism deal with. Chloe has always been very attached to me. It makes it quite difficult when she has to be away from me for a longer length of time. I do regret not having her stay with relatives or friends more often when she was younger.

When we first moved home she started public school and was doing well. I knew it would help her work on her separation anxiety issues, but alas in comes Covid-19 and we are home again. I occasionally have her stay with her older sister Mattie while I run errands or go to a Drs appointment. She does very well with her and rarely asks for me. I do need to find other babysitters, since I can’t always expect Mattie to watch her.

Separation anxiety is something toddlers deal with. They have to learn that their parents are returning when they leave. Children with Autism have a more difficult time understanding this concept. I think they have so much going on in their heads and bodies it’s just hard to calm themselves and they need their Mom or Dad or whoever cares for them to help calm them.

It is definitely a hard area of development to work on. All I can do is have her stay with others for short spurts and occasionally for longer times to work on it. Once school begins again that will help as well. I am working on a social story for her right now about it.

Does your child struggle with separation anxiety? Share below.

Stay Healthy out there❤️

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