My Health Update

Happy Thursday☺️

So I have been to my Obgyn and she went over all the results of my 2 ultrasounds and bloodwork. She recommended a total hysterectomy to completely solve my problems for good. I was like “Let’s do it”! Then as I was scheduling surgery they tell me I have to quarantine away from Chloe for 4 days before my surgery. Ok hold on a minute….that isn’t going to fly with Miss Chloe. She has only spent one night away from me and it did not go well. 4 DAYS!!!

So now I am looking at a different same day procedure instead. It has its risks like every surgery. It’s called a Uterine Ablation. It will remove the lining of my uterus, stopping all bleeding. It has an 88 percent success rate. I really hope it is successful.

Until surgery I have been put on different medications to keep bleeding at bay. Side effects stink. I have thrown up, had multiple migraines and been extremely exhausted. So next week I am meeting with my Dr to make final decisions on what I can do. If they can do away with the quarantine I would prefer the hysterectomy, but it’s still under Covid-19 guidelines.

I’m just hanging in there and thankful for my Dr who never gives up trying to get me better. She said my life’s challenging enough without extra junk. She’s got that right😁

I pray all of you are well❤️

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